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This book answers the following questions:

# UBER has been legalized and available in more than 549 cities around the world. How does the legal battles challenge UBER ? 

# What impact does UBER have on next generations of entrepreneurs?

#Why doesn't Apple Store trust Uber Driver App ? 

# Why does Uber have surge price?

# There are a few cars around the corner, but still high surge pricing? Why ?

# Regardless of complaints, Uber never removes surge price. Why ?

# What surge pricing tells about your region's or city's economy ?

# Riders: How to never take surged trip again?

# Is upfront fare good or bad?

# Is Uber one of the best 100 employers? Why or why not?

# How different are Uber platforms around the world ?

# Will UBER replace their drivers with driverless cars within next 5 years?

# Why does UBER keep hiring new drivers?

# How much does an Uber driver really earn per hour ?

# Do I have to tip my Uber driver?

# Drivers: How to earn more ?

# The most interesting stories of UBER drivers/riders ?

# What has UBER done for their Driver Partners ?

# Why UBER platforms can tell whether your city's economy is healthy or not ?

# All other questions

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