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🇨🇦 Canadian Marketplace - Media - Professional Services

Free mask, Free hand sanitizer for TorontoBrands.ca customers

Covid-19 Free Mask Free sanitizer mask & sanitizer Giveaways

Hand sanitizer  



  • Free hand sanitizer (500ml, family size) for shopping cart from $49, 
  • Free mask for any order amount !



Get yours on TorontoBrands.ca

The location to pick up free mask/ hand sanitizer: 22 John Street, Toronto, ON Canada (A day after you place your order on TorontoBrands.ca). Make sure you indicate time and date for pickup to Shop@LysonMedia.ca, and bring the receipt email with you. 

if you already have your own mask and sanitizer, you can gift our free ones to your beloved family or friends ❤️🛍


If you wish to gift (in bulk) mask or sanitizer to local hospitals or for healthcare workers, you can request here : mask & sanitizer 


Due to COVID-19, our shipping partners (Canada Post & Amazon Prime) may delay a bit.

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