The Best Canadian Media Platform for Brands - 🎫 Feature permit

The Best Canadian Media Platform for Brands - 🎫 Feature permit

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Traffic sizes (reaches = your potential customers): 


01 Week (CAD35/Day)168 hours brand presence, est. 150 reaches. Get featured Now
01 Month (CAD29.99/Day): 744 hours brand presence, est.1K reaches. Get Featured Now
06 Months (CAD24.99/Day): 4464 hours brand presence, est. 10K reaches. 


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12 Months (CAD20/Day): 8928 hours brand presence, est. 50K reaches. 


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24 Months (CAD15/Day): 17856 hours brand presence, est. 100K reaches. 


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59 Months (CAD4.99): 43800 hours brand presence, est. million reaches. 


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SECTION 8: Terms & Agreements, Policy:

(Please read everything carefully, consult with a lawyer or an English spoken sector professional before signing the contract)


By signing this contract, you agree that Canada Brands is merely responsible for Media feature, brand presence & Branding consultation. (Social media gains & Marketing materials are NOT included).  Initial __________________

You are aware that 3 things: articles (to be featured on news/media), Photography and Promo videos are 3 most important Marketing materials for branding. (continue Reference section) Initial __________________

5-10% of your ad expenditures for third party social media company to be hold for corporation income tax purpose. We recommend you can add up to your budget when your budget running low. Daily ad budget is average. Our expert will arrange and place ad effectively based on branding strategy. Your post choice request is considered by our expert but it is not mandatory. Initial __________________  

Money spent on third party ad (social media) is non-refundable.

What is difference between Branding vs Marketing: With the same ad budget, branding works at least 10x better, faster and more valuable ! 

We aim to promote and make your business name more and more popular to specific (Canadian) audience. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for your sales or revenue growth unless we are working on commission base (we only earn a percentage on your profit if we can generate sale based on mutual agreement. Your brand promotion campaign’s success requires you have enough all marketing materials; especially custom promotional/commercial video and/or with well-written news articles. (you must be qualified with all check marks)  Initial __________________

*initials are required at customer’s choice

Customer Care & Social Media Advisor means CANADA BRANDS™ experts will supervise and give advice to your social media team regarding to social media efficiency. Your team is still responsible for creating content and its work quality. We are not responsible for your social media interactions & counts (likes/shares/mentions/tags/comments/posts/…) though we give advice. If it is important for you, we recommend you sign up for social media services. Your ad budget (SECTION 2) will tell your relevant result. Initial __________________

The reason why we highly recommend long term partnership (at least 6 months or 1 year) is to raise brand awareness consistently which makes your brand memorized & trustworthy.

Cancellation: If you cancel your 1 year or 6-month contract before your contract ends, you have to pay a penalty equal to 50% of total of the remaining balance amount. (For example: you subscribed to $10/month plan for 6 months. You cancel your contract at the end of the third month. Your contract still has 3 more months left: $10x3=$30. You will have to pay $15 (50% of $30) for penalty). This does not apply for payment in full, in cash or in etransfer. Payment (in full) in cash or etransfer is non-refundable.  Initial __________________

Our estimation is approximate and average. The index is based on social media (facebook - Meta) estimation chart which subject to change from time to time. We do NOT guarantee the amount of views, interactions, or money you will get. 

“Canadian viewers: viewers who indicate living, working and doing business in Canada

We are not responsible for budget outstanding.

Your contracted Marketing experts are to take care and get the things done along with third parties. They are not responsible for creating or designing Marketing materials. You are responsible for Marketing material expenditures.

LEVEL UP: STEP 1 SOCIAL MEDIA (Foundation) ——> STEP 2 MARKETING ——> STEP 3 BRANDING (Advanced, Top level)

Our branding partners (experts), who are self-employers/freelancers/independent contractors under our contract, are not your employees. Some days our expert may work on your project continuously 8-10 hours. Some days he/she just sit alone to brainstorm & think about next step or new strategy for your promotion campaign. This time he/she may need to cut off communication with you to concentrate on critical thinking while you may feel or think that he/she is not at work.  You have no right or obligation to control their working time and workplace while we are committed to offering the most affordable and effective branding services for your company. We make sure your current ad campaigns still active and running 24/7 every day. When we mention hourly wage for our experts, it also means and includes branding services fee/charge, expert intelligence, labor & working time, business tariff, third party fees and commission shares. We urge you to treat them well & respect them at all time. Initial __________________

Our branding partner will play a role as your business advisor/mentor. You should never feel or think that your advisor/mentor is always better or smarter than you (a coach may not play as professionally as a player does!). You are a business owner; You have your own mindset, skillset, ambition and expectation. Working with our branding experts is to make your business operation & presence stronger, more perfect and fulfilled.

Our experts work in business hours 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST, Toronto Canada, or local time). You may request our experts collaborate with your project at other times, weekends, or during holidays; however, it’s not mandatory for our experts to do so. Our experts may be available to assist you out of business hours if urgent (but we do not guarantee their availability).  Initial __________________

Any of violation of our partnership and/or branding service policies (terms & agreements) may lead to service termination, interruptions, or legal action from our organization and third parties. 

Branding on social media (online presence) is the first step to turn your business into a well-known brand. Your budget at this stage is just starter. You may need to add more into your budget later on to make it better action plan (such as join in as sponsor for a popular sport game). Initial __________________


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