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Are you a social media content creator? (Tiktok/YouTuber…)
Canada Brands™ pays up to $1500.00 for each of your short Tiktok/Reel videos !
Unlike other media outlets & social media platforms who do not pay for your video or photography work, Canada Brands™ is investing $2 million dollars every year to pay for Canadian talented artists, content creators & video/photographers. Your short Tiktok/Reel video may help you earn extra up to $49400 on top of your annual incomes this year !

There are 2 ways that social media content creators can earn money (cash) from Canada Brands™ investors:


1. Content creator as Media producer (editor) role:

a) Upload your content (articles, photographs or videos) on any (but not limited) of CANADA BRANDS™ 's social media pages. (add CANADA BRANDS™ as brand footage).

b) How to earn the most money? (up to $1600.00 each post) 

post different contents regularly (every day at different time zones). Share our posts to all of your social media pages & large groups. Tag friends & family, @followers, @highlight, @everyone. Check in at Canada Brands

You get paid $100.00 when your first post reaches 100 reactions each !

You get paid $500.00 when your first post reaches 500 reactions each !

You get paid $1000.00 every time your post reaches 1000 reactions each !

You also earn $2.00 for each eligible short Tiktok/Reel video post. You get paid whenever your video reaches $1000.00

(We pay better than Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok or any other social media !)


c) Content: anything about CANADA

Preferred : Vacation Destinations, Restaurants & barsBusiness, Economy, Brands, Marketing, Luxury Lifestyle, Celebrities, Entertainment, Landscape ...

Recommended: make a short Reel videos of celebrities at events such as TIFF, Red carpets, movie premiers, Music awards, live-shows, Talk shows, TV or Reality shows, or just catch any celebrity on street !  


(must follow Our policy, terms & agreements and our social media partners's community standards) 

d) Quality:   

As branding business, we do care about top quality of our products, services and marketing materials & contents. (Select: 1080p Premium HD for videos & 1000x1000+ Photo dimensions)  


2. For Content Creators as affiliate business partner: 

Option 1: we will assign you an unique affiliate code and/or a custom shareable link for just you. You earn money on every purchase (so ask your fans to do so to support you!). Imagine you have more than 1M followers and our product is valued at $1000.00 each in average !

Option 2: You can trade one or some of our best selling products/services. You can dropship at wholesale price so that you can benefit at higher profits


 3. Content Creator's Benefits on Canada Brands™:

  • Be part of the Best media/branding platform 
  • Offer your business to Canadian customers
  • Earn more with the same media production 
  • Get more Canadian business networks
  • The best way to tell the world your business is a Canadian brand !
  • Connect with well-known Canadian talents & artists
  • Use Canadian Media as superpower to boost your business success
  • Access to our useful resources to learn Marketing & branding tips




Thank you for all applications. Only selected qualified candidates with professional contents will be reached out for media partnership & postings. We wish you all the best.



1. What if my post can't reach the minimum requirement (reactions counts) within 90 days?

Canada Brands™ only selects the top quality materials & contents for our social media presence. Once your content is selected & viewed by millions of Canadian audience that means you have high standards & professional contents. You enjoy free promotion & branding on Canada Brands - the best Canadian media platform for brands meanwhile. Recommended:  post different contents regularly (every day at different time zones). Share our posts to all of your social media pages & large groups. Tag @followers or friends & family.

Canada Brands™'s mission is to support over 5000 Local startups, artists & Canadian products (whose families are low-income). So, hope this is such great sympathy enough that you would give a hand ?  

 2. I have a lot of followers. How much would I get paid if all of my 50 videos reach 1k reaction counts within a month ?

50 x $2.00 = $100.00

50 x $100.00 = $5000.00

50 x $250 = $12500.00

50 x $1000.00 = $50 000 


Total payout: $ 67 600 . 00 for 1 month !


For examples: How much would I get paid (following cases) ?

Content creator

This video of Supercar Blondie could earn $3.4M for Like, $284K for Comment, $2.8M for Share !





Content creator

This video could earn $473K for Like, $2.4K for Comment, $3.6M for Share !






Content creator This video could earn $1.7M for Like, $21.5K for Comment, $401K for Share !

(it could earn at least $21 500 from Canada Brands™)







 3. I get too much notifications from Canada Brands page. It's quite annoying, how to turn it off?

Canada Brands™ is open support source for Canadian Brands & small business owners with integration of multi-editors & content creators from different aspects. 

Tab here to learn how to turn notifications off 

Make sure you remember to check back every day to learn your membership's important updates 


4. Your organic reach is too low. How could my business posts reach thousands of Canadian clients? 

If you ask this question, you don't understand modern social media ! 

Organic reach is "dead" ! Even with newer social media platform, organic reach is gradually being lowered till dead by time. Running ads ! When it comes to running ad, it becomes fair playing field ! It doesn't matter how many followers you have, you pay $1, you reach 1 potential customer. You pay $1000, you reach 1000 potential customers. You pay $1M, you reach 1M potential customers ! The difference is you have better business name with the larger scale of business, the more influence & impact, you have on partnership value & business development. 

Not all business names are the same. Even with high interactions in posting, but with crabby business name, your business will be easily forgettable & invaluable ! On the other hand, with great business name (such as Canada Brands™ even with lower interaction counts, your business is still much more valuable & trustworthy.  

 ($1 in the first world is equal to almost $20 in the third world in value)


Terms & agreements: 

You have up to 90 days to publish and gain eligible reaction counts (Likes, Comments or Shares). Each reaction category (Likes, Comments or Shares) must reach the same required minimum counts. All reactions are applied to avoid online AI assistance fraud or misuse. 

By submitting, uploading, and publishing your photo/video on CANADA BRANDS™ social media, you agree that you authorize equal copyrights & ownership for CANADA BRANDS™ . CANADA BRANDS™ can use or promote your photo/video by all means throughout its business & media platforms. 


  1. You may not use our services to do or share anything:
    • That violates these Terms, our Community Standards, and other terms and policies that apply to your use of our Products.
    • That is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.
    • That infringes or violates someone else's rights, including their intellectual property rights.
  2. You may not upload viruses or malicious code or do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working or appearance of our Products.
  3. You may not access or collect data from our Products using automated means (without our prior permission) or attempt to access data you do not have permission to access.

You are ONLY allowed to control & manage your own posts. You are NOT allowed to modify primary Canada Brands & other marketers’ posts. It may result in legal or partnership issues 

We can remove or restrict access to content that is in violation of these provisions

We have full rights to take down immediately any of inappropriate or unqualified postings. Partnership can be discontinued immediately and any time by Canada Brands's discretion. 

We have full rights to terminate our Make Money program anytime without any notice.


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