How to save up to 50% OFF for your monthly UBER (LYFT) cost?

 Imagine you have to call an Uber for an urgent trip to Montreal from Toronto (long trip). It costs you at least $500.00. To cut half of the cost, a group of Canadian private drivers from 🇨🇦 Uber Lyft - All Drivers  have offered such a great promotion for you (up to 50% OFF discount) (Half price) for your long trip !



Rideshare Promotion is ONLY available for long (road) trips which are over 50 kms)


15% OFF for 50-100km trip

20% OFF for 150-200km trip

25% OFF for 250-300km trip

30% OFF for 350-400km trip

35% OFF for 450-500km trip

40% OFF for 550-600km trip

50% OFF for 650km+ trip (Half Uber fare! )


(Promotions on Weekends, Holidays, Rush hours are subject to change)


We highly recommend you book your trip in advance due to limited offer & selected drivers' availability. 

Real time Price: The official price & promotions applied for the fare is at the time your trip starts (we check Uber/Lyft app for calculation)


For 1 to 4 passengers: book here

For 5 to 8 passenger: book here 

 Contact us (24/7) TEXT ONLY: 647-794-8568

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