The company of the year
Fee: $49 Reg or $249 with social media support 


The _______(service/product)_______ company of The Year 2023

The Nails salon of The Year

The Pho restaurant of The Year

The landscaping company of The Year


Who are the voters :

Current customers

Future customers who think they would try because they feel that the company has good service or product. 

Those who think that product/service is good for their community 

Those who think the company's social activities are good & meaningful. 



How to participate & win:

1. post your commercial video or image on Canada Brands page. The one with the most votes (public shares) will win the award 


- Share your post to your newsfeed, large groups, community. 

- Let your current customers know & vote for you

- We recommend you run ad for your post


Deadline: December 9th 2023


 Terms & conditions:

why is public share selected as vote --> People can buy Like counts 

What if 2 companies have exactly the same amount of public shares ? ==> we will count Likes & comments