The business world has changed ! 

You don't have to follow the obsolete career path: graduate from university ---> have several part-time general labour or service jobs while waiting for a fortune to get a dream job. Then you act your loyalty to the same companies for years to move slowly from the bottom to the top higher positions. By the time, you realize you have to prepare for your retirement. 

If Mark Zuckerberg didn't drop out of Harvard University at the second year to focus on his network empire, we wouldn't have such great social media platform today: Facebook.



Look at the top 10 most successful young entrepreneurs: 

Snapchat: Evan Spiegel 

Shopify : Tobias Lütke 

Youtube & Mixbix: Chad Hurley 

 Mozilla Firefox: Blake Ross & David Hyatt

Wordpress: Matt Mullenweg

Mashable: Pete Cashmore

And more ....

These young entrepreneurs don't wait for the companies to promote them. They take action at their early 20s. 


 They know when they build great things for people with their passion & vision, they believe they will achieve something. They know whatever they do will form the future, not the lesson, nor judgement, nor myths, nor criticism from others.  

 You decide your future. Take action now. Life is short. take smart paths to finance freedom. Retire early and enjoy your life with your beloved family.

LYSON MEDIA™ is actively supporting to make your dream come true. 

As a CEO in apprentice, you will be working closely with LYSON MEDIA™'s top executive directors. We will give you hands-on practice in a fast-paced business environment. Critical thinking. Brainstorming. Tough decision making. Deadlines. You will be different upon completion of this program.

Of course, we always celebrate what we achieve and accomplish ! We do have party time !


Annual salary expectation : up to $1 Millions from share/dividend/compensation/commission/international & regional sales & partnerships and memberships.

While we appreciate all applicants, only those candidates who meet the selection criteria will be contacted directly. 


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