free presto card


How to win: 

Option 1: Share anything from LYSON MEDIA™ site ( (product/service) to your social media.


Option 2: Make a video or edit a picture (taken by you) of LYSON MEDIA™ introducing your favourite Product/ Service on and share it on social media.



The post with the most likes & shares of the month will win a Free PresTO card (value: $151.15). A viral post may be eligible for 1 year Free PresTO card (Value: $1662.60)



Conditions apply:

The minimum Like & Share required for a post: 100 each. 

*Must: check in LYSON MEDIA (Facebook page), tag at least 5 friends, hashtag #FreePresTOforMe & #LysonMedia 

*Must: credit (footage) : LYSON MEDIA™, check in and share publicly on social media. 

 *Hint: share your post to a large relevant public group