Student Intern compensation

Congratulations ! You are now the officially student intern at Canada Brands™, one of the best Canadian Media Platform for branding. This plays an important role in your future career porfolio ! It's challenging but also rewarding workplace where you are getting a lot of professional trainings, entering your career path with successful leadership & business mindset. 

People are the key to our success. Our professionalism is being valued & formed by local talents, professionals and partners. We are committed to working with the very best people and promoting a culture that develops existing talent and promotes from within.

As a student intern at our company, you can select a variety of our profit sharing programs which helps you earn enough for your living style ! Here are some recommendations: 

1. When each of your photos/ videos reaches 1K public shares, you will get paid $CAD1000.00

2. Every photo you take & post gains 10 points, you will get paid $1000.00 when you reach 10K points

3. Every video you make & post gains 20 points, you will get paid $1000.00 when you reach 10K points

4. Trading our top products & services to earn up to 60% of profit share (some of our products & services including wholesales have selling price over $10 000. Check it out ! )

5. $100.00 for every 10 video/photographers referred by you for our photography contest. 

6. $100.00 for every 10 small businesses referred by you join in our "TOP BRANDS AWARD" contest. 

7. Anything goes viral will give you additionally $1000.00+ BINGO reward

8. $100.00 for each small business referred by you for signing branding consultation contract (reaching out to the top current advertisers)

9. $100.00 for every 10 small businesses referred by you for 3 month free promotion (free to post photo/video on our page) 

10. $100.00 for each Business Tax Vendor referred by you for signing up Business Tax Vendor Partnership (We take care of business tax for our vendor partner who is not Canadian citizen or permanent resident)

Other rewarding bonuses are available. The compensation page is daily updated. Please check back regularly for more benefits   


Total payout: (estimated, minimum, potential, quarterly possible) : $10400.00+


If you have any question or concern about your internship or workplace, please do not hesitate to reach out to your manager or basically send us a message by filling the form below