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Legal & Disclaimers :

We are not representing all Canadian brands. CANADA BRANDS™ is a pilot project to support & promote local businesses. We are building a Canadian Marketplace where thousands of local businesses introduce their products & services.

Drop-shipping & Intellectual Property: 

Drop-shipping is a new business model that many young entrepreneurs find it convenient & profitable without investing a lot of money for warehouse, inventory, wholesales, labor,... This new business model is gradually applied on online business (ecommerce). The traders use a third party fulfillment app such as Importify or Oberlo to import (copy or transfer some or all data and product images from original sellers) to their ecommerce website for reselling purpose. So, basically, they are reselling your product at a promotional or competitive price. When they get an order, they will go to the original seller's website, order and enter their customer's shipping information.

Is it good or bad practice ? Yes and No !

For those authentic companies (original/official sellers) with low sale, they would love the idea since those traders help to boost their sales (commission based earning) ! On the contrary, those who are having successful sale system with higher revenue, they seem to be more selfish and self-centred. They think they are a big brand. Something likes "The rich people only hang out with the rich people; If you are a poor, chance is you will get rejected or not welcome to do so. They just want to partner with other big brands. Or, for those who are not aware that some of their customers are resellers (dropshipping traders) ! When they come across someone is reselling exactly the same as their original product using the copied image or photography, they think this seller is infringing their intellectual property & copyright. 

Thousands of local businesses are registering to sell their product or service on our marketplace platform (like on Amazon or Facebook Marketplace). We make sure to take time and verify as many vendors as we can. If you find any legal issue with them before we do, please report or notify to our legal team so that we can take that as priority for you.

We strongly recommend local vendors (dropshipping traders) reach out to the official sellers (orignal sellers) for agreement before dropshipping their product. Otherwise, you may have to face formal action from them.

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