Now you can drive any shared car on your way

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Pick a Car

Find cars nearby for your short trips in and around the city. Get a price estimate right within the app before your trip.

Book Instantly

Book instantly and the car is yours. Drive for as long as you need to, while the car owners' schedule allows.

Just Drive

Keys are in a lockbox by the car. Pick it up and drive. Return when you're ready. Gas and insurance included.

ShiftRide Pricing Honda Civic

Price estimates are based on a mid-range car listed on ShiftRide. Price includes base fees, insurance, and gas. Tax and promotions not applied. Learn more about our pricing and how it's so affordable.

List Your Car

Share your parked car with trusted drivers near you and start earning money right away. Insurance is provided with ShiftRide and gas is covered for all bookings.

List Your Car and Earn Money
Going Out Shopping and Running Errands

Access Cars

Access a variety of cars near you on demand. Go where you want, when you want. Everything is within reach when you drive. Only pay for what you use, in time and distance.

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Insurance and Safety

At ShiftRide, the safety and security of our members is our top priority. Our insurance, provided by Northbridge Insurance, provides owners and users with an additional level of safety, protecting the vehicle with a comprehensive umbrella policy that goes above and beyond the car owner's existing policy.

Should an accident occur, you are fully covered and we'll work closely with you to ensure that you're satisfied. We also provide 24/7 roadside assistance and support with every booking for additional safety and convenience.

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Got Questions?

Check out our new help center which should answer most of your questions. If you have other questions, give us a call, we'd be more than happy to help.

Want to Learn More?

Still not sure about taking ShiftRide? Sign up to learn how you can drive from one place to another within your city in the most comfortable and affordable way, with 3 bite-sized emails.

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