Sign petition to allow rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft) to drive in any city or province in Canada

Region ridesshare Region rideshare Reasons:

1. to show passthrough freedom in a democracy country (Canada). We are not living in a communist country !

2. To be green with environment (avoid idling along the way back)

3. to help drivers earn enough to feed their family. 

4. to have more region choice

5. to help rider find car easier & faster (more convenient) 

6. to show Canadians united as one 


Uber driver regions






Uber driver regions



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  • Subhanwita Mitra on


  • Ansarullah Ansari on

    We should able to work anywhere in Canada

  • Ali Haider on

    We can’t drive other than some specific cities, and it’s like wasting time, fuel and energy coming back and unnecessary driving and increasing carbon footprint

  • Amadeo on


  • Alberto on


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