CANADA: Top 15 Richest and Most Successful Canadians of 2019

Top 15 Richest and Most Successful Canadians of 2019

Top 15 Richest and Most Successful Canadians of 2019

Canada’s vast business empires span nearly every industry. The billionaire entrepreneurs behind these successful endeavours are not only some of the country’s richest individuals – but also some of the richest in the world. These fortunes have their roots in everything from sports and entertainment to oil, e-commerce and automotive parts.

Many of the names on this list are instantly recognizable to nearly every Canadian. Others are far less known, preferring to stay out of the public eye. But just about all of them hold stories and secrets key to understanding their massive wealth – along with keen business instincts and a willingness to roll the dice on a worthy idea! Read on to discover the secrets behind Canada’s wealthiest and most incredibly successful individuals.

David Thomson

Net Worth: CAD 42.9 billion
Company: Thomson Reuters, Woodbridge Co. Ltd
Industry: Media

David Thomson @thomsonreuters / Twitter.comDavid Thomson @thomsonreuters /



Jim Pattison

Net Worth: CAD 7.8 billion
Company: Jim Pattison Group
Industry: Automotive, Packaging

Jim Pattison @BNNBloomberg / Twitter.comJim Pattison @BNNBloomberg /


Guy Laliberte

Net worth: CAD 2.14 billion 
Company: Cirque de Soleil 
Industry: Entertainment 

Guy Laliberte © s_bukley / Shutterstock.comGuy Laliberte © s_bukley /

Jeffrey Skoll

Net Worth: CAD 5.3 billion
Company: eBay, Participant Media
Industry: E-commerce, Film Production

Jeffrey Skoll © taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.comJeffrey Skoll © taniavolobueva /

Galen Weston

Net Worth: CAD 11.1 billion
Company: George Weston Ltd., Associated British Foods
Industry: Food Processing and Distribution

Galen Weston @galenwestonjr / Twitter.comGalen Weston @galenwestonjr /

Carlo Fidani

Net Worth: CAD 3.04 billion
Company: Orlando Corp.
Industry: Real Estate

Carlo Fidani @mississaugacity / Twitter.comCarlo Fidani @mississaugacity /

Lino Saputo

Net Worth: CAD 6.7 billion
Company: Saputo Inc., TransForce
Industry: Dairy

Lino Saputo @eDairyNews / Twitter.comLino Saputo @eDairyNews /

Edward Rogers III & Family

Net Worth: CAD 10.07 billion
Company: Rogers Communications
Industry: Telecom

Rogers Centre, Home of the Toronto Blue Jays © ckchiu / Shutterstock.comRogers Centre, Home of the Toronto Blue Jays © ckchiu /

Dan Aykroyd

Net worth: CAD 180.32 million 
Company: House of Blues, Crystal Head Vodka 
Industry: Entertainment, Vodka 

Dan Aykroyd © steve white photos / Shutterstock.comDan Aykroyd © steve white photos /

Daryl Katz

Net Worth: CAD 4.1 billion
Company: Katz Group 
Industry: Sports, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals

Daryl Katz @mikeFAIL / Twitter.comDaryl Katz @mikeFAIL /

Paul Desmarais Jr.

Net Worth: CAD 7.3 billion 
Company: Power Corp. of Canada
Industry: Holdings Firm

Paul Desmarais Jr. @globeandmail / Twitter.comPaul Desmarais Jr. @globeandmail /

Garrett Camp

Net Worth: CAD 6.1 billion
Company: Uber, StumbleUpon
Industry: Transportation, Internet

Garrett Camp @SpirosMargaris / Twitter.comGarrett Camp @SpirosMargaris /

Peter Gilgan

Net Worth: CAD 3.9 billion
Company: Mattamy Group Corp.
Industry: Real Estate

Peter Gilgan @stjoestoronto / Twitter.comPeter Gilgan @stjoestoronto /

Ryan Reynolds

Net worth: CAD 100 million 
Company: Maximum Effort Productions 
Industry: Film 

Ryan Reynolds © DFree / Shutterstock.comRyan Reynolds © DFree /

James Cameron

Net Worth: CAD 1 billion
Company: Lightstorm Entertainment, Digital Domain
Industry: Film

James Cameron © Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.comJames Cameron © Featureflash Photo Agency /

Jim Carrey

Net worth: CAD 180 million 
Company: Actor 
Industry: Film 

Jim Carrey © Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.comJim Carrey © Andrea Raffin /

Justin Bieber

Net worth: CAD 354.12 million 
Company: Singer
Industry: Music 

Justin Bieber © Jack Fordyce / Shutterstock.comJustin Bieber © Jack Fordyce /

Mike Myers

Net worth: CAD 233.75 million 
Company: Actor 
Industry: Entertainment 

Mike Myers © Sam Aronov / Shutterstock.comMike Myers © Sam Aronov /

Pierre Karl

Net worth: CAD 1.82 billion 
Company: Quebecor 
Industry: Communications 

Pierre Karl © Denis Beaumont / Shutterstock.comPierre Karl © Denis Beaumont /

Chip Wilson

Net Worth: CAD 4.7 billion
Company: Lululemon Athletica
Industry: Athletic Wear

Lululemon store © Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.comLululemon store © Kristi Blokhin /

The Azrieli Family

Net Worth: CAD 4.1 billion
Company: Azrieli Group Ltd., CanPro Investments
Industry: Construction, Architecture

Azrieli Towers & Shopping Centre in Tel Aviv / Shutterstock.comAzrieli Towers & Shopping Centre in Tel Aviv /



Jean Coutu

Net Worth: CAD 3.1 billion
Company: Jean Coutu Group
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Jean Coutu Store © BalkansCat / Shutterstock.comJean Coutu Store © BalkansCat /

Alain Bouchard

Net Worth: CAD 4.7 billion
Company: Alimentation Couche-Tard, Atrium Innovations
Industry: Convenience Stores

Alain Bouchard @nationalpost / Twitter.comAlain Bouchard @nationalpost /

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