Rideshare Business Partnership
Rideshare Business Partnership

Rideshare Business Partnership

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1. One time

Pay for 1 day:      $10   

Pay for 1 week:    $60    (save: $10)

Pay for 1 month:  $249   (save $50)

Pay for 1 year:     $2997 (save $600) 


2. Longterm Partnership (recommended): save up to 50% OFF 

$39     Per week   (save $21/week) 

$199   Per month (save $50/week) 

$1995 Per year    (save $1000/year)  

Guaranteed brand promotion & success !

We love action. So, you can submit your company payment here with a note. Our team will help you to create membership and our partnership starts right away ! 


3. Commission based:

The higher commission share rate you propose, the higher priority we give to you over other partners. (Reg: 10% to 30%)

Please note: we don't promote your brand with this option (your business contact to be hidden). We merely work on sale number together


For this option, please submit your request to Kevin@LysonMedia.ca or call 647-447-4997 


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