Investment & Business Loan & Financing
Investment & Business Loan & Financing
Investment & Business Loan & Financing
Investment & Business Loan & Financing

Investment & Business Loan & Financing

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We are committed to connecting you to the best sources of finance so that you can grow your business successfully. 

 We guarantee 99% that our finance specialists can help to get your business loan approved !! To start your loan application, please register with platform fee based on your business size. (select the amount that you wish to borrow) . The platform fee is ONLY applied if you are approved to process your business loan !

Platform fee = 0.5% (or LESS) of Your Loan !

Our finance specialist will contact with you after you register

Our Success Rate speaks for itself

  • 99% Approval rate on deals completed

  • 85% First time approvals

  • Quick turn-around, covering various industries from simple to complex businesses

  • Available language support in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, and Filipino.


Lending Success & Program Overview

$350,000,000 & 500 Transactions 
completed in the last 2.5 years including:


$1,000,000 CSBFL - Property

$350,000 CSBFL - Equipment 

$275,000 CSBFL - Restaurant

$175,000 CSBFL - Truck loan

$300,000 Private Equipment Leasing 

$2,400,000 Commercial Mortgage



Comprehensive Business Plans

Professionally completed business plan includes: 

• Executive Summary

• Business Overview

• Marketing Collateral

• Opening Balance Sheet

• Detailed Financial Projections vetted against industry standards

• Research including demographics and industry overview 

• Pricing strategy, target market, and detailed financial research

• government grants

• Professionally compiled

• Full resource and supporting publications research

• Custom graphics and designs 

• Custom marketing materials (brochures, menus, coupons, advertising materials, and many more)


tree and money


Unparalleled Quality Expertise & Service

Specialized knowledge and experience in the Small Business Credit Space:

• Ease and convenience

• Quick turn-around

• High 1-time approval rate

• Collaboration from established relationships

• Excellent reputation and reviews

• Added flexibility and employee support (Ratio Analysis and Underwriting Notes)

• Accountant certification and sign-off possible, if required




LYSON MEDIA™ Finance Partnership

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