💖Happy Hour💖Booking💖 (by Spa Girls Canada)

  Spa girls Canada

 Frequent Questions & Answers: 

1. What services do you provide & quotes:

💖Happy Ending services:

  1. C$89.55💖 VIP Membership⭐️1hr/weekly
  2. C$197.23💖 Full Happy Service
  3. C$587.14💖 4 Happy Hours
  4. C$897.72💖 Overnight
  5. C$1495.36💖Travel Tour (per day)
  6. Sugar daddy💖Rent a Lover (*)
  •  2. What are your service hours ?



    3. What are your office hours?

    💖Booking hours: 11am-5pm 

    💖30% down payment is required for “after hours”, Tuesdays, travel tour, weekends & Holidays


    4. Where to pick up the girls? 

     💖Toronto: Curbside pickup at Indigo Yorkdale (Cineplex entrance) 

     💖Other cities: to be updated 


    5. incall or outcall ?

    💖 Outcall  

    5.1 You book Uber for me?

    5.2 You etransfer & I book Uber by myself ?

    5.3 You pick up me ?

    5.4. in-vehicle (car) service

    💖 incall: Rent a room for C$79/hour


    6. How to book ?

    💖 Check the photos of Spa Girls Canada & get the girl's code (the girl with ⭐️ is premium: +$197.23)

    💖 etransfer 30% of the service to email: SpaGirlsCanada@gmail.com 

    💖 Choice from Option #5 (Outcall, in-call & travel option) 

    (along with hotel & travel arrangement, the girl's code and meetup & pickup location or any other special notes by using The message at the bottom of this page)


    7. What is VIP client? How to become a VIP client?

    💖 VIP clients are given priority (even in the last minutes) over regular customers who are new to the service or not booking 30% of the service in advance.

    💖 Booking Clients with 30% Down in advance or clients with premium services such as Vacation tour, 4 Happy hours, Overnight, or sugar daddy !


    8. What are terms for Sugar Daddy services?   

    💖 Sugar daddy (Rent a girlfriend/ boyfriend):

    CAD197.25/day for a week

    CAD89.45/day for a month

    CAD79.55/day for 2 months

    CAD69.65/day for 5 months

    CAD59.75/day for 8 months

    CAD49.85/day for 12 months

    CAD39.95/day for 24 months

    CAD29.05/day for 59 months



    Sugar Daddy & Baby Relationship Policy, terms & agreements :

    sD = Sugar Daddy

    sB = Sugar Baby


    +Upfront service Fee (25%)

    +4H package required for testing sB

    +Pay deposit for sB (2 weeks in advance)

    +Pay instalment arrangement for sB

    +Crime & illegal activities are prohibited 🚫

    +sD must have good health condition

    +Never interrupt personal life each other

    +Twice/week arrangement (flexible)

    +Tips & uber rides are appreciated

    +Respect time & independence

    +sD helps school tuition fees & daily living costs 



    647-794-8568 (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram)


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    Spa 💖 💕services agreements:

    By using spa (adult) services, you (clients) must be minimum 19 years old. All activities must be legal. 

    We are only online services with connecting with local spa across the country and worldwide. Clients & authorities are responsible for checking local spas for licensing & health standards.