Double-Sided Statin Heros Dress Up Costumes Children Capes (masks included)

  • $90.99
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The perfect Halloween and birthday party gift for your kids!

  • Product Standard:Set of 8 different color Capes.size:Length 27" x Width 27",Each cape comes individually wrapped.
  • Material:high quality silky double-sided satin,color is not the same on both sides.Just a bit of velcro neck,safe and easy to put on.
  • Pefect birthday present Halloween gifts or for special party prizes, or even for special gifts.
  • Want to let your kids have an excited unforgettable birthday party? Your little guy loves them! Buy a set of capes and play together with them.Promote feelings between you and your kids.
  • If you are a teacher, your students will love these capes, and play games with them, learn from the game.
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