SK – II facial treatment essence 330ml [parallel import goods]

SK – II facial treatment essence 330ml [parallel import goods]

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  • Contents 330ml

Product Name: SK II feisyarutori-tomentoessensu 330ml<br/>burandoesuke-tu- SK2 SK II – Max Factor Maxfactor<br/>Contents 330ml (Big Size)<br/>kategori-sukinkea makeup water/Bodylotion<br/>SK II – pitera into a luxurious blend. Prevent cause rashes and skin that works for your water treatment effectiveness and makeup. A gift for guidance. Moist and clear skin<br/>[HOW TO USE]<br/>1 times the amount used a 500 circle cotton ball large<br/>What progress, the cotton used is dominant hitosasi指 and little finger, and scissors.<br/>Cotton is good to choose a per serving yet it does not contain the essence, skin is the main attraction.<br/>Also, a large one like firmly put hasameru used today. If you have trouble in putting the entire face from the skin.<br/>The Fluff of the cotton against the skin remaining on the sign when the skin is dry. Cotton contains the essence and more to putting in an instant.<br/>Cotton contains plenty to prevent dry skin, such as hot flashes the part that fits between the 約分 your essence.

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