$49.99 Vehicle inspection - Safety Standards Certificate (booking)

  • $9.99


This is booking fee only. You will pay the service fee after you get your safety standards certificate.

booking fee is to secure your service appointment and to hold the service provider's accountability. At checkout, indicate your available days & time. We will call you to confirm.

Total $49 = $9.99 booking + $40 service
Regular price: $90 and up

This affordable discounted price is only valid with a receipt from our platform

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            Sample of Safety Standards Certificate, Ontario Ministry of Transportation 




















Disclaimer: By accepting the service, you agree that the service provider (Rob & Raj MF Auto Incorporation) is the party who is fully responsible & accountable for the services and outcomes you receive. You can compliment on excellent services/products in comment review below or report any negative business activities to partners@LysonMedia.ca. This service (Vehicle inspection & Safety Standards Certificate) is provided and certified by Rob & Raj MF Auto Incorporation

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