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Available Rideshare Support:
1. Tax services: get help
2. Auto Financing : N/A 
3. Hotel: get discount
4. Work permit/Visa : apply 
5. Mobile Tire Change: book the service
6. Rideshare book/ebook: get hard copy or ebook 
7. Personal Safety: N/A
# Car wash membership: N/A
# Gas cards :  N/A
# Auto Repair/ Maintenance:  N/A
# affordable Rideshare Inspection: book the service
# Other support for drivers: to be available
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#Uber: K94Y3 (www.bit.Ly/apply-uber)
#Lyft: (
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Welcome to Canadian Ride-share community !

This is the largest & the most well-organized foundation to support drivers financially & everything.

#Mission: to support independent contractors & maintain good service in the city in terms of Employment Standards Act, Consumer Protection, Business & Economy Growth, as well as Public Health & Safety.


1. #Debate: support & respect one another.

2. #Content: Uber, Lyft & other ride-shares

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_Importance of forum: trusted; branded; real people; real target; real location; viewed multiple times; searched by media; source of entrepreneurs in Toronto.

_Don't hide your business in app, show it here to everyone.

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#individualSale( not repeated): FREE. 
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1. Please Go to homepage

2. Go to "My Business"

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4. Add product/ service

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( If you are not working for the company, you can refer to get paid (up to $500)

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Members get paid if they refer sponsors/vendors to offer extra support for our fellow drivers (up to $500/referral ). (Ask admin for details)

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#Disclaimer: we, Toronto rideshare drivers (as self-employed, independent contractors), are not selling any Uber/Lyft product nor using any Uber/Lyft intellectual property. The data you find in the forum & its content may not be necessarily exact with the internal data from rideshare apps (drivers’ names & profiles may be slight different). All advertising services are based on drivers' need; and for this private group ONLY. Advertisers are fully accountable for their products/services.

#Consent: by joining in our forum, (as self-employed, independent contractors) drivers agree and authorize the foundation to use your feedback/posts/stories/comments/share & other submitted contents for debate and publicity on education & entertaining purpose.

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We will shut down this forum when:
- Drivers are legally considered as employees
- Drivers are 100% satisfied with support from rideshare companies.

Warning⚠️ : there are small private groups are using similar names to attempt their scams around. The best advice is to remove yourself out of the groups to save time and avoid scams

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